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Downing Centre District Court

The Downing Centre District Court is where many serious criminal cases end up after they’ve gone through the Local  Courts.

Court 3.1 is called the ‘list court’ and is normally the starting point for cases in the District Court.

It is usually presided over by the Chief Judge of the NSW District Court Reg Blanch, who has a reputation as a very sharp, fair and efficient judge with a vast knowledge of the law and legal system.

Appeals from the Local Court to the District Court are often heard in court 3.1.

Jury trials usually occur in the courts on the lower ground level, and on levels 1 and 2.

A person who is called for jury duty is required to attend the courthouse early and will be taken up to the jury assembly area.

The District Court registry is on level 3.

Jury trials can last anywhere from two or three days to several months, and anyone can usually walk in and watch a trial – unless it is a ‘closed court’ which occurs when the trial involves a child or relates to a sexual assault.